ICF position regarding Coaching Supervision

It has become recognized practice that coaches at every stage in their coaching journey continually seek development, both personally in terms of deepening their coaching presence and awareness, and professionally in terms of competencies, ethics and standards. One of the growing trends internationally for undertaking such development is engaging in the practice of 'coaching supervision' similar in concept to the supervision which supports many behavioral science professions.

The number of voices globally who have been requesting that ICF give some guidance around this concept is growing and in fact some ICF chapters, as well as several training providers have taken steps to further define a position regarding coaching supervision. Many parts of the world where coaching is well established already consider coaching supervision not only necessary for the coach and the client, but also necessary for maintaining the integrity of the profession. There are even countries where regular engagement in coaching supervision is part of the hiring criteria for an external coach being considered by organizations (e.g., Are you under supervision and may we check with your supervisor to verify that?).

Recognizing this trend, a variety of ICF work groups have held discussions with the intent of defining and establishing a clear position regarding coaching supervision that could be adopted by the ICF. Specifically, discussions have taken place in the past within the ICF Credentialing Committee and with some of the credentialing workgroups. More recently a small team of subject matter experts met to develop a definition and guidelines that could be advanced to the ICF Board for consideration. The recommendations were based on this work but also took into consideration the definition of coaching supervision adopted by the UK chapter. Additionally, a review of the EMCC position on coaching supervision (mandated by that organization) was conducted in order to learn and compare other views/positions on this topic.

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Supervision – Mentoring

Two ways to make emerge your potential as a professional coach

Mentoring : an opportunity to improve your practice as coach

• You want to develop your expertise and your knowledge as a professional;
• You are looking for  feedback on your level of mastery of the 11 essential coaching skills;
• What aspects of your practice would you need to develop;
• How can you increase your presence during your sessions with your clients;
• You want to prepare yourself and increase your skills to the next accreditation;
• You want to keep your skills up to date to renew your current certification or an application for a new level of accreditation;
• You want to maintain or improve your professional competence.

Supervision: a place to reflect on your practice as a coach and share issues related to your job as a coach
A coach may face problems , doubts and may wish to share with a supervisor or a group of collective supervision.
For example:

• You have questions about certain aspects or issues,
• You feel blocked in a coaching relation with a client,
• You feel empty of energy after a coaching session with certain of your client,
• Before accepting a coaching contract , you would check with your supervisor that you are not likely to come into conflict of interest,
• You have doubts about a question of ethics in a Relationship with a client,
• You need supervision in the context of an application for certification,
• You want to share knowledge and/or coaching situations with other coaches (in case of collective supervision).



Deux voies pour faire émerger votre potentiel en tant que professionnel du coaching.

Le mentorat : une occasion de parfaire votre pratique en tant que coach

• Vous souhaitez développer votre savoir-faire et votre savoir-être professionnels;
• Vous recherchez un feed back sur votre niveau de maîtrise des 11 compétences essentielles à un coaching de qualité ?
• Quels aspects de votre pratique professionnelle avez-vous besoin de développer ?
• Comment pouvez-vous accroître votre présence pendant vos séances avec vos clients ?
• Vous voulez faire reconnaître vos compétences de coach et vous vous préparez à une certification professionnelle ?

La supervision : un lieu pour réfléchir à votre pratique de coach et partager les problématiques liées à votre métier de coach

Un coach peut être confronté à des problématiques, à des doutes et peut souhaiter les partager avec un superviseur ou au sein d'un groupe de supervision collective.

Par exemple :

• Vous vous posez un certain nombre de questions à propos de votre pratique
• Vous avez le sentiment de tourner en rond avec un client
• Vous vous sentez « vidé(e) » d'énergie après une séance avec certains clients
• Avant d'accepter ce contrat de coaching, vous souhaitez vérifier avec votre superviseur que vous ne risquez pas d'entrer en situation de conflit d'intérêts
• Vous avez un doute au niveau éthique avec cette relation de coaching
• Vous avez besoin d'une supervision dans le cadre d'une demande d'accréditation
• Vous souhaitez partager des connaissances et/ou des situations de coaching avec d'autres coachs (dans le cas d'une supervision collective)

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