The Bigger Game - Rick Tamlyn Full Day Workshop

Monday, 13 October 2014 : 08:30-Monday, 13 October 2014 : 19:00
BGL BNP Paribas, Kirchberg
50, avenue J.F. Kennedy, Kirchberg, Luxembourg, L-2951, Luxembourg
Start From: €395.00


Full Day Workshop - this will be of interest to:
• leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, particularly those who are going through organizational changes
• as well as coaches and coaches in training (CCEU details below)


Experiential Keynote Speaker • Thought Leader Author • Co-Active Trainer & Facilitator

Rick Tamlyn has been playing a "Bigger Game" since he was a child. His unique ability to see beyond "status quo" or "acceptable limits" has led to a lifetime of helping others do the same. His first speaking engagements were in church as a kid, then as an actor on stage, before jumping to audiences of thousands. As an author, keynote speaker, and thought-leader in the inspiration business, Rick has delivered his message around the world to people from all walks of life. His two million plus frequent flier miles tell the story of each person he has been in contact with. Participants leave feeling enthusiastic, confident and focused... and ready to create a bigger and brighter future. In recent years Rick has delivered experiential keynotes and workshops throughout the USA, China, South Korea, Canada, England, Norway, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Israel.

Quick Facts...
• Rick's style and charm are infectious. Audiences always want more!
• Rick averages over 50 speaking engagements each year and has 
touched over 10,000 people in his travels.
• His reach is far and wide — Rick is comfortable with both Fortune 100 companies and small local public events.
• Rick is the author of the popular book The Bigger Game: Why Playing a Bigger Game Designs Who You Want to Become.
• Rick has a broad social media reach and is active on facebook, twitter, and Linked-In.
• 100% of Rick's keynotes and workshops have been booked through word of mouth and repeat business.


The Bigger Game is a model and methodology that creates intentional positive change for individuals and teams in the organizational climate. In The Bigger Game, workshop participants experience a hands-on tool to implement — and even welcome — a sustainable, positive impact, both internally in their own work environments and externally in service of generating successful positive results.


Organizations are challenged today like never before as they navigate the complexities of a "new normal." Success is the constant desired outcome and yet the means to that success must now be different. "Business as usual" is no longer the easy option to sustainable success. Today's workplace requires the necessity for individuals and teams to think, behave and strategize in brand new ways. The Bigger Game addresses this required change and it can be categorized in three key arenas:

• Engagement — Unengaged employees are costing organizations millions of dollars of lost revenue. Bigger Game asks individuals the key question, "What is a compelling Bigger Game I want to be playing in this organization?" When employees and teams are playing a purpose-driven Bigger Game, they are deeply engaged.
• Innovation — Innovation occurs naturally when playing a Bigger Game. We inherently become more creative, innovative and bolder with our actions when we are compelled and passionate about what we are doing.
• Collaboration — A Bigger Game is only successful when there is authentic collaboration among the players. Although there may be disagreement along the way, there is a deep commitment and alignment with the direction of this Game. It is in these collaborative conversations that new ideas are born and implemented. 
 The training is highly interactive and includes a combination of theory presentation, full group experiential exercises, one-on-one coach-like conversations, small group interactions and inspirational video examples of Bigger Games.


The Bigger Game workshop training generates various outcomes, including:
• Creating a more engaged employee,
• Aligning a team's direction,
• Fostering a collaborative dialogue between players,
• Focusing innovative thinking,
• Clarifying purpose and vision,
• Initiating bold action(s),
• Cultivating an environment that welcomes change,
• Learning The Bigger Game as an on-going reference tool for sustainable success.

Now is the time for all of us to take full responsibility for the "games" we want to be generating and playing. As our mantra proudly states,"Playing a Bigger Game designs who we want to become."

On October 13th from 08:30–17:15 + networking 17:15-19:00
at BGL BNP Paribas, 50, av. J.F. Kennedy L-2951 Luxembourg Kirchberg

Registration : 08:30
Start: 09:00
1st break: 10:30 10:45
Lunch: 12:00
Restart: 12:45
2nd break: 14:30
End 17:15
Networking 17:15– 19:00

ICF Members: Eur 395
ICF non-members Eur 475

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CCEU for Coaches:

Core Competencies: 4
Resource Development: 6

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