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ICF Luxembourg : workshop 11 core competencies

Last night the first workshop organized by ICF Luxembourg dedicated to the first core competency of the coach (respect for ethical rules and ethics) took place in the premises of BNP Paribas Kirchberg.

After a refresher of the basic principles of the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation, a dozen members of the Luxembourg chapter had the opportunity to exchange best practices in ethics based on practical cases.

This workshop is the first of a series dedicated to the 11 competencies of the coach as defined by the Internal Coaching Federation. 

The sessions will be  held once a month until November 2016. 

Registration is open via the website ICF Luxembourg

Come and join us for the next workshop on March 23rd "establishing the coaching agreement" (competence 2) and "develop understanding of trust and intimacy" (competence 3)

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