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How to update your Credential Coach Finder (CCF) Listing ? Recherche de coach accrédité Utilisez-vous la répertoire de coach agréé (RCA) d'ICF ? La RCA est un répertoire consultable gratuitement visant à présenter les membres de l'ICF qui ont leurs accréditations. T...
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Half of today’s jobs will be obsolete by 2025 because of technology. The “human professions” like coaching and counseling, where personal contact is important, have largely been exempt from technology’s pressure, but the times are changing and a digi...
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ICW Conference : Thinking about using a coach?

Here is the pdf of the presentation giving by Virginie Scuvée on the 23 of May for the International Coaching Week.  ICF-LUXEMBOURG-COACHING-PRESENTATION-TO-ASSOCIATIONS-updated-by-JS.pdf We are happy to share this with you. ICF Board

How to apply for an ICF credential ?

How to apply for an ICF Credential ?

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Executive coaching, a valuable tool for talent management

what is coaching, was it is not. Coaching is not counseling, training, nor mentoring. Coaching is a one to one development tool and helps collaborators, leaders to discover and to implement their own resources.
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